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IP-Pouch reduced respiratory infections

Plastic Bags

plastic bags cause infections in health care


nosocomial infections cost millions

Ground Zero

prevent nosocomial infections

Triangle of Death

dr oz triangle of death

Stop now!

stop storing nasal cannula in plastic bags


The adherence of bacteria examined was the highest on polyethylene catheters.

University Study: Nasal Cannula stored in Plastic Bag vs. Mesh Bag
California University Study

MRSA & VRE Survived over 90 days on Plastic.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Plastic Identification Badges spread pathogens.
AMSUS 2013 Annual Meeting


    The IP-Pouch is a replacement technology for plastic bags used for storing reusable nasal cannula, HHN’s and other respiratory devices. Plastic bags retain moisture and allow harmful microbes to survive and thrive. The IP-Pouch is made from a breathable wicking material that removes moisture allowing the microbes to die naturally.

In a study at a California State University completed February 27, 2013, the time zero numbers were captured to chart the actual increase or decrease of the staph microbial counts on the nasal cannula in a Plastic Bag, Polyester Mesh Bag & Spun Fiber Polypropylene Bag (SF-1) for 1 hour.

IP-Pouch study graph

Nosocomial Infections Cost You More Than Just Money!

The IP-Pouch - Save Time...Save Money...Save Lives...

  • Save Time - The IP-Pouch is easy to attach and remove in one of three ways: peel and stick tape, drawstring, or velcro straps, and only needs to be replaced once per month or PRN, freeing up much needed time for staff.
  • Save Money - Replacing the IP-Pouch once per month is cheaper than replacing a plastic bag once per week, plus, each nosocomial infection costs facilites thousands of dollars... and those dollars are not all reimbursable.
  • Save Lives - "The mortality rate for respiratory infections in nursing homes is as high as 55%." - Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, 2007
  • Priced at only $1.99 MSRP each, volume discounts available

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The IP-Pouch from Infection Prevention Products is an amazing product. It has reduced respiratory infections immensely. I don't know how we've lasted this long without it.

Steve Tank
Director of Nurses
Country Villa Riverview

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